High Value Capability Development

 High Value Capability Development



HVCDC was established to provide comprehensive services, ranging from competency development to training assessment. HVCDC program offers structured competencies development and monitoring to close the competencies gap within the organization. HVDC focuses on fulfilling the work force and organizational requirements that suit the high performance culture with complex and high level skills.


This program focuses on 2 phases listed:


Development Phase:  

This phase comprises of below processes:  

  • Develop Trainer
  • Develop Trainer Guide
  • Module Development
  • Develop Mission, Vision and Strategic Objective
  • Develop/Review Job Description (JD)
  • Develop Skill Matrix for each role
  • Develop 5 step pack
  • Training Need Analysis (TNA)
  • Identify Specific Training Required
  • Develop Training Plan


Delivery Phase:  

This phase comprises of below processes:  

  • Training Delivery
  • Skill Assessment by Trainer
  • Skill Assessment by Assessor
  • Certification/Stamp Approval
  • Training effectiveness review



Targeted Organization 

All Sectors


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