Corporate Philosophy



Departing from contemporary belief that development of workforce involves improvement of technical skills and soft skills, we believe that the missing element in most training and development programs is the psychological aspects of human being. Research has repeatedly shown that the greatest contribution to a person’s capability is the“state of mind”. In learning and development, the single most important factor to consider is the ability of the individual to have effective learning, sound understanding and successful internalization of what has been learned.


As such, all training, and development programs offered by UTCSB is supported by activities and learning contents that are aimed at promoting a paradigm shift in the minds of participants. We are proud to share that to date participants of our programs usually experiences “wow” moments of realization that helps to ingrain the learning contents deep in their minds. This is the key success factor of all UTCSB Programs and it has helped our clients achieve the objectives and results that they require whilst keeping participants fully engaged and satisfied with their learning achievements when attending UTCSB programs.