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Quality Environment (5S) 101







Quality Environment (5S) is the beginning of a healthy, comfortable and productive life for everyone at work. This is fundamental to productivity improvement. When implemented successfully in a company, Quality Environment (5S) will bring about amazing changes. For example, all unnecessary items are removed from the workplace, only necessary items are conveniently located near users, machines and equipment are kept clean and shiny. One of the most important factors of Quality Environment (5S) is that it makes problems immediately obvious. It is a team run process and should be conducted by the people who work within the area in which the principles of Quality Environment (5S) are being applied.

There is a range of possible benefits associated with implementing Quality Environment (5S):

  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced profitability
  • Enhanced teamwork
  • Increased employee performance through naturally disciplined

Throughout the training individuals will have the opportunity to apply Quality Environment (5S) concepts in a practical, hands-on, learning-by-doing experience in a simulated environment

Learning Outcomes 

At the end of this programme, participants will be able to: 

  • Gain an understanding of Quality Environment (5S) concept and its impact to organization
  • Describe Quality Environment (5S) elements and key objectives
  • Describe Quality Environment (5S) key success factors and ways to employ it at your organization.
  • Plan and organize Quality Environment (5S) program at the workplace


Course Outline 

Module 1: Quality Environment (5S) History & Background 


Module 2: Introduction to Quality Environment (5S) Program elements & key activities 

  • Seiri (Sort) – “Identify needed & unneeded items at the workplace”
  • Seiton (Set in Order) – “A Place for everything & everything in its place”
  • Seiso (Shine) – “Cleaning is Inspection”
  • Seiketsu (Standardize) – “Document & standardize best practices”
  • Shitsuke (Sustain) – “Continuous training, coaching & assessment”


Module 3: Quality Environment (5S) Key Success Factors & Impact 

  • Quality Environment (5S) Organizational Structure: Leadership & Employee Roles
  • Quality Environment (5S) Methodology & Management (PDCA)
  • Quality Environment (5S) Impact & Benefit (PQDCSM)


Module 4: How to start the Quality Environment (5S) Journey?  

  • Quality Environment (5S) program planning
  • Quality Environment (5S) program implementation & monitoring
  • Quality Environment (5S) training, coaching & assessment cycle


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